Hiro's Escape: patch 3.5!

Hey all!

It has been quite the month for this little demo! This is now the 5th patch and the biggest by far. Here are all the updates:


  • look around while in bushes (a very frequent request)
  • enemies have a longer, more dramatic attack animation when attacking you in bushes. This gives the player more time to get away as it is sometimes hard to know if you were seen entering a bush. 
  • more checkpoints! (And they work a little more intuitively under the hood)
  • input buffering during 'seen' ink splash
    • related: archers who saw you before 'seen' ink that did not already shoot will have their shoot timer reset to give the player more time to get out of the way safely.
  • animated alert marks
  • no more jiggly bushes (would happen if you stood just inside the sprite mask of hiding bushes)
  • arrows should more consistently hit enemies during their jump attack
  • 'seen!' sound for archers and non-ink sworders
  • Captain Yama has a shadow!
  • Captain Yama's hammer SFX sound more natural
  • Death now counts towards your mistake score (again? not sure how I turned this off but you will get +1 mistake for each death).

Whew! That's a lot. As of today there have been 50+ updates and fixes over the last 5 patches. This will probably be the last update to the demo as it feels like it's in a really safe space. This is important, because the demo now becomes a tool for sharing the true experience of what the full game will feel like.


The demo has been very fortunate to have  been picked up by a few outlets. Gamesradar+ wrote a piece way back when it first launched (and tweeted it to their 1M+ twitter followers?!). Then it was a WarpDoor pick, and just a few days ago AlphaBetaGamer wrote a glowing review.

Lastly, just wanted to say thank you all for playing the game, finding bugs, suggesting features, and so much more. When you're working in secret on a game for so long, you start to get tunnel vision and you really can't tell what's good and what's not. But having such positive reception makes all the hours worth it.

<3 Austin


hiro-demo-mac.zip 167 MB
Version 3.5 Jul 06, 2020
hiro-demo-win.zip 166 MB
Version 3.5 Jul 06, 2020

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